Scanning walls and concrete slabs
Scanning road layers
Scanning cellars and caverns
Detection of groundwater
Detection of buried utilities
Detection of buried foundations
Our equipment allows various types of high quality investigations of the subsurface according to the national and international standards.
Services and methods
Company introduction
Clients portfolio and works
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Geophysical and geological investigations
2D and 3D geological modelling
Topographic surveys
Consulting services
Established in January 2007 by passionate engineers, Geoscan is a private company specializing in :
We apply methods of analysis based on :
Outlining perimeters of useful rocks
Land surveys
Cadastre and registration
Geological studies
Geomechanical analysis
Studies for landslaides
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Phone : 0726.319.817

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Phone : 0724.522.200
Geoscan Service S.R.L

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