About us

GEOSCAN is a private company specializing in geophysical, geological, surveying, environmental studies and consulting services.

GEOSCAN operates national and international projects, offering flexible services with applicability in residential and commercial buildings, roads, bridges, railways, wind and photovoltaic parks, soil and subsoil pollution. We apply non-invasive techniques for analysis of underground based on magnetometric, electrometric, seismic, georadar (GPR), radio detection (RFL).

The equipment own by the company allows us to carry out numerous underground quality surveys according to national and international standards.

Geophysical and geological data processing and interpretation services complete the GEOSCAN offer, thus representing a full-service package that addresses to design, construction, utilities (water, canals, gas, electricity) and the environment companies.

Field measurements, processing and interpretation of geophysical and geological data are provided by a team of professionals with 20 years of national and international experience.