Topografia GPS🗺️

Topografia GPS🏞️

Topography is the science that, based on the geodetic network, creates more support points in order to determine the position of detail points on the surveyed surface. Unlike geodetic measurements, topographic surveying is performed on small areas and therefore are not influenced by the curvature of the Earth.
To perform the topographic surveys we use appropriate equipment and personnel, and high precision stations and GPS systems :
Applications of topography :
– Ridicari  topografice,
– Planuri de situatie si amplasament,
– Nivelment de precizie,
– Masuratori de control,
– Calcul de suprafete,
– Modelarea terenului,
– Curbe de nivel,
– Profile longitudinale si transversale,
– Trasari si verticalizari,
– Cartarea utilitatilor urbane,
– Relevee in constructii,
– Nivelment de mare precizie,
– Determinarea rapida si exacta a coordonatelor X,Y,
– Obtinerea si indesirea retelelor topografice de baza,
- Determination of property boundaries - agricultural, forestry, etc.
- Designation of areas of interest - lakes, forest boundaries, cultivated land, etc.
– Monitorizarea deplasarilor in timp,
– Ridicari topografice.