Electromagnetic method (EM)

In the electromagnetic method (EM) there are recorded the values of an electric field induced into the ground for various investigation depths.

The main applications of this method are the outlining and identification of the objects that have an electromagnetic field or of the objects producing a modification of the magnetic field of the zone.

The electromagnetic measurements can be performed acoustically (by highlighting an acoustic signal in the case of intercepting a response from the induced electromagnetic field), and the areas with positive response will be recorded with the professional software.

GEOSCAN uses electromagnetic equipment for the detection of the buried objects through the electromagnetic method.

The maximum investigation depth is of 3 m depending on the size of the buried object, the magnetic permeability of the soil and of the electromagnetic noise specific to the area.

All geophysical measurements will be positioned in the field with a GPS system using national or international coordinates.

Applications of the electromagnetic method : – detection and localization of ammunition and unexploded bombs (UXO) buried, – detection of buried utilities into a homogenous medium (ducts, pipes, electric cables), – detection of buried metallic objects.